Judy Shen-Filerman

“Tim Wong has been incredibly helpful in various situations, with not only technical know-how but with very rapid response rates. Most impressive was the quick timing and the quality with which he built the site for the NAAAP Career Series Conference, that was user friendly and efficient. His template was so well designed that we are using the same interface for each quarterly conference.”

“Additionally, Tim has been highly responsive at point-in-time situations where I needed technical advice immediately. Importantly, he has always done so with professionalism and approachability. The last has been important for me given the technical components (website, server, etc) are critical means to my business but I am by no means well-versed and have no interest in being well-versed in this area, except when it is in service to my business objectives!”

“In summary, Tim has been a pleasure to work with.”

– Judy Shen-Filerman, Founding Principal at Dreambridge Partners LLC